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Email Copy Made Easy - 5 Tips for Email Copy

Email marketing requires many skills and thorough planning. If you've done the email marketing before and you know it like the back of your hand, you'll know that there are many skills necessary to make it an effective marketing tool. Here are five tips for your email marketing plan.

Tip #1: Know your target audience and know what's important to them in your emails. If you have a large database of people who have opted in to a mailing list, ask the list members to answer some basic questions about their needs. What do they think is most important in their industry? What issues do they care most about? What problems do they have? Asking will enable you to customize your email based on the responses.

Tip #2: Create emails that speak to your customers. It's important that you create emails in such a way that it speaks directly to your customers and targets them, but don't send email after email that's all about you and your product and service and how great it is and all that. When you do that, you'll lose credibility and that will lead to a lack of interest from customers who have already expressed interest in your products.

Tip #3: Know your audience. What content does your email content conform to? Does it conform to a certain brand of humor? Is it written in a casual writing style? Is it written in a formal tone? Does it speak to them directly and tell them how your product or service is better, easier, or more useful than your competitors?

Tip #4: You must do market research and determine what your target audience actually wants. You must find out from a survey or focus group what they are interested in, what they are not interested in, and what they really don't know. Then, you must make a custom-designed email, email template, that is specific to fit what your customers want. You must be responsive to the feedback from your focus group to make the content that you create reflect the will of your customers.

Tip #5: Be flexible. If you're sending emails to your mailing list, then you must also allow the customers the ability to opt out of your future emails or emails. Customers who do not want your email correspondence will be able to opt out of receiving your future emails or emails. If you send emails with content or information that the customer doesn't want, then he or she will not have a reason not to open your emails or newsletters, so why should he or she put effort into opting out of the emails or newsletters?

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