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How to Syndicate Your WordPress Blog

The blog platform is one of the best methods we have for sharing information. With it, we can publish articles, images, videos, music, podcasts, photos, news and even personal information. The content is divided into posts. For example, your post would be one post and then all the articles within that post would be another post. Each one of these posts would be indivisible and you can even split the article into multiple posts as we've seen above.

This has several advantages, not least of which is that it makes for quick publishing. The system has to be able to handle large files, and WordPress does an excellent job of handling these. As well as this, since we can publish these as individual posts, we can also split large files into multiple files. The size of the files is independent of one another and so each one of these files becomes its own post (or article, as the case may be).

We also do not need to worry about how the posts look like. A WordPress post looks like any other post, with some modifications. We can style them however we want and the template allows us to divide the article into multiple posts. This is made possible by WordPress' ability to handle files as individual posts.

This makes it very flexible, but one of the main advantages, is the ability to syndicate and share content. With the right plugins, we can publish content from multiple blogs into their syndicating feeds. In doing so, these other blogs will also find your blog in the feed, just as they did yours. This is made possible by WordPress' ability to handle files as individual posts.

We can even use the blog platform as a tool for socialization. This is a great way to get visitors to come back to your website. What we have to do is be careful not to clutter our blog with posts that are not relevant to our niche and so our visitors will tend to click away from our blog. This way, we avoid alienating those who check out our blog, but will not tend to return.

So the real challenge is not how to publish a post, but how to syndicate that post across the internet.

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