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What is Outdoor Furniture Made of?

As the weather begins to heat up, and we get excited from the anticipation of spending the coming weekends outdoors, it's not hard to feel the urge to purchase an outdoor furniture set. But, not everybody can afford to purchase a new set. And, for those of us who can afford to purchase new outdoor furniture, there can be a few questions that we need to ask ourselves:

What kind of furniture set am I looking for?

When you are browsing furniture, there's a difference between buying "off the rack" and buying "used". "Off the rack" is discarded from the factory at one time, and you can buy it in the local hardware stores, furniture stores, or online retailers. "Used" is that furniture that has been used and is in need of a good wash. "Good" means it contains some pieces that have been stained, have minor chips, scratches, and wear. "Needing" us a good wash means it has not been exposed to the rain, snow, sun, dirt, dust, debris, and etc... that can ruin new furniture. "Needing" does not mean it is unsalable, just that it requires a good cleaning.

When you are shopping for an outdoor set you need to determine how long you'll be using it. Do you plan on using your furniture every single day? Do you plan on using it just five minutes at a time? If it requires a good washing and needs to be refinished and sealed, you are better off looking at a new set.

Some folks choose to store their outdoor sets in a garage or basement and just use it when the weather permits. If it is raining, snowing, or in an area that is prone to mold and mildew, then you may need a heavier set. The heavier sets are made with the materials used for marine or military use and are weatherproof. These sets are best for the outdoors.

What is it made of?

The best material to use in your outdoor furniture is hard wood made from species like oak or mahogany, but not conifer.

There are several types of wood and each is a beautiful piece of furniture in its own right. There are varieties of cedar that have a natural look, teak that provides durability and a look of aged wood, and hard wood that is meant for outdoor use.

There are also several pieces that can be added to the set to create a completely unique look.

A coffee table that is made of wicker is lovely to look at and is often included in the set. A small table that holds several chairs is also available and can be added just to place a few sets of chairs. The most versatile piece is the umbrella that can be hung from just a single hook and is usually made of a metal or wood. There are also umbrellas with a faux look that look like real ones.

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