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What Is the Best Way to Get Daily Search Engine Traffic?

One of the hardest things about SEO is trying to pinpoint just what keywords are most likely to get traffic for your web site. And it gets harder still when you are asked to produce keyword research that can bring in traffic for your site using more than one word.

The problem is that most people are producing keyword research using search phrases that all sound the same to a listener. But you would have to ask them to give you a list of phrases that would identify your web site and the intended audience.

Then you would have to go back through the list and find phrases that had the most traffic with the least competition. Remember that those with the most traffic may not have the least competition as the web site may be in the top 10 rankings but may be buried deep in the list with very little traffic.

One of the best ways to research keyword phrases to put into your web site code is to create a spreadsheet that will generate new search phrases every day. That way you can track what phrases are getting traffic and how many people are searching for each one every day.

If you did this for all your search phrases for your web site and checked the daily search numbers you would be able to uncover keywords that are hot and keywords that are getting less traffic. And you would know which of those to use for future searches.

You might ask: "How can I get daily search engine traffic and not worry about my competition and how can I have the visitors and not be hot?"

Well there are many ways to get daily traffic for your web site and not have to worry about your competitors. The first is to build a website that will get daily traffic. A forum site, a blog site, a press release site, etc.

You would need to build and site with several pages of content on each page that will give daily data about something that needs to be said.

This way you are building a site that will get traffic as you build the site with content. You are not having to worry about the competition and they will not factor in to your calculations for getting daily traffic.

If you do not have a site with a daily site that will be a good place to start. If you build a site with daily content you will have a few more factors in the calculation that will help your daily traffic and your sales.

But if you do not have a site with daily traffic the best solution is to find keywords that have a low amount of competition but a higher amount of daily traffic.

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